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Zulaikha Aziz

Zulaikha Aziz

Zulaikha Aziz's love of jewelry and colored gemstones is grounded in her heritage and ancestry. Her pieces are modern day heirlooms imbued with meaning and heart made with love and the intention to tell diverse stories, celebrate nature and humanity, and be passed down and cherished for generations to come. Zulaikha uses only ethically and sustainably sourced materials and processes and ensures the empowerment of women throughout her work from design to delivery. 

Her jewelry line was born out of her personal story as a refugee from Afghanistan and her work as a human rights attorney. Zulaikha seeks to share the beauty and magic of Afghan culture through the unique stories each of our pieces tell. She believes that jewelry should not only be used to adorn, empower and celebrate the wearer but also the people involved in each step of its creation and the planet as a whole. 

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