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Latinx Jewelers We Love

Latinx Jewelers We Love
Offiicially, Hispanic Heritage Month has come to a close. That said, we at A+T we are always celebrating this diverse, brilliant community. Join us in checking out four amazing Latinx jewelers we carry in our Chicao jewelry store, as well as a few others whose work we love! 



Lina Hernandez is a Colombian Jewelry Designer based in New York City.
Her work is fun, playful and mystical, and is inspired by Colombian magical realism,
rooted in the meaning of nature, crystals, and powerful animals. 


Bogotá-based anthropologist and fair trade artist Claudia Vallejo trained in fine art, and approaches her work as the narration of a moment in time. Utilizing modern techniques and surprising materials like electrostatic paint and 22k gold powder coating, her pieces are inspired by the crafted and natural world around her.

***Arriving this month at A+T! ***


Buenos Aires-based designer Fernanda Sibilia takes inspiration for her collection from her travels through Latin America. Her collections are every
 bit a reflection of her inspirational and colorful lifestyle. Each piece is handmade to order in her studio. Her most recent collection is based on  Surrealist art's biomorphic forms, concepts of persistent memory, dripping clocks, Fauvist references, and Matisse's unique use of colour and shape.

**Currently sold out at A+T... More Work Coming Soon! **


Catalina Bellizzi is a  half-Colombian, half-Argentine multi-disciplinary artist and educator based out of Chicago, San Diego, and Miami whose various art forms (music, painting, writing, among others) explore the dark but beautiful areas of faith and redemption. Her earrings are based on her oil paintings, and are immensely popular with our A+T Customers! 


A proud black latina voice in the jewelry industry, Valerie Madison is based in Seattle, WA. Using conflict-free diamonds and majority recycled materials, she designs simple, minimalist fine jewelry that spins classic designs into modern daily-wear pieces.



Mexican contemporary jeweler Georgina Trevino is based in San Diego, and her contemporary jewelry line is inspired by architecture elements, minimalism, and geometry. Each piece is designed to be worn by confident and modern individuals interested in modern art works. Her pieces embrace color and culture, and she continuously innovates with form and materials.



A true businesswoman, Veronica Piraino is based in Chile, where she designs and creates work with semi-precious jewels carved by local artisans, set in silver, copper and bronze. Her pieces are unique, high-style, and elegant.



Based in Kansas City, MO, Mexican American designer Georgina Herrera has made a name for herself by fusing her trend-driven jewelry with her culture and tradition. In addition to her ready-to-wear lines, her jewelry has been featured at New York, Miami, and Paris Fashion Weeks. Her wearable works of art keep everyone watching the wearer.