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Featured Artist: Catalina Bellizzi

Featured Artist: Catalina Bellizzi

Catalina Bellizzi (CATAPHANT) is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator based out of Chicago, San Diego, and Miami whose various art forms (music, painting, writing, among others) explore the dark but beautiful areas of faith and redemption. Ascribing to the Christian faith, her work is an eccentric exploration of what it looks like to embrace the inevitable struggle that this walk entails. Pain, grief, uncertainty, and suffering all become vehicles for the art making process and tools used to refine one’s heart, ultimately working for good.

Bellizzi was born in Kansas city, Kansas, raised in Ohio, and has called Chicago home for the past decade. She is half-Colombian, half-Argentine and uses the cultural complexity of her upbringing to influence her creative process, often drawing influences from South American folk art, art as social activism, and creating work about the space between cultural identity and spirituality. She received a BFA with an emphasis in Art Education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she focused on critical pedagogy, sacred practices, sculpture, and cultural studies. 

Working with a variety of mediums in undergrad, Bellizzi returned to her original art form, oil painting, after a several year hiatus while she built a small following in music and collaborated with several hip hop artists and producers. At some point, induced mostly by stress and a profound need to reconnect with the meditative nature of painting, Bellizzi returned to her studio practice. 

In 2017, Catalina began making earrings as another outlet for creativity. Her work was popularized via Instagram, and recently started selling her work with Adornment + Theory in Chicago.