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Holiday Gift Guide: Under $500

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $500

The holidays are right around the corner and the Gems at Adornment & Theory are back to bring you a few more of our favorite pieces.  

Camille Torres's Flutter Necklace ($215) is edgy and out of the box, yet remains elegant. 

For the ones who walk barefoot on the beach 

The Terra Ring ($225) by Emilie Shapiro is inspired by and embodies the ecosystems of the ocean. Featuring kyanite, aquamarine, ruby and grossular garnet, it's sure to please any nature lover.  

For the architect in your life

The Forme Necklace ($265-$275) by Vanessa Gade featured clean lines and out-of-the-box design. Available in sterling silver and 14k gold vermeil over sterling silver, it illustrates the dichotomy of fluidity vs. rigidity present in architecture and our built environment.



For the ones who love lore and legend 


Featuring rainbow moonstones in 22k gold plated sterling silver, these Cassiopeia Earrings ($265) by Cat Janiga are perfect for your friend who has always been fascinated by ancient Greece. Inspired by the mythical mortal queen whose beauty was unrivaled even by the Gods, they are the perfect accessory to zhuzh up any outfit.

For your effortlessly stylish friend

These Saturn Rings ($265-300) by Cynthia Jones give the illusion of multiple stacking rings in one beautiful piece. Available in gold and silver, they effortlessly elevate any wardrobe.

For the modern art aficionado 


Laura Wood's Large Lace Stud and Fringe Earrings ($420) fit right in at any contemporary art museum. The powder-coated brass earrings feature sterling-silver posts and turn any outfit into a work of art. 

For the friend that loves drama

The Reflections Pendant ($435)  by Emilie Shapiro is a definite statement piece. Featuring a beautiful rose cut labradorite surrounded by apatite, it emanates power and is inspired by the crashing waves on the beaches of Montauk.

For your most glamorous friend

Glitzy and glamorous in all the right ways, the Fleur Jacket Earrings ($425) by Ana Maria Bedoya are sure to impress. Inspired by the Art Deco period, these earrings preserve the ancient jewelry-making art of filigree with gold vermeil.

For your young-at-heart sister


Melissa de la Fuente's Map Ring ($360) is a bold statement piece. Carved out of wax and then cast in brass, each exuberant ring features a snake and a star.

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