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Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry for Your 4 Best Friends

Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry for Your 4 Best Friends


Simple + classic, Daphne doesn't make a statement with her jewelry, but prefers clean detail. She wants to be able to wear pieces to a more traditional workplace and to drinks afterward. She loves layering delicate rings and necklaces while letting her charm be the main sparkle.


Sam is your friend or relative who dances to a different drummer. She loves live music, being the life of the party, and never ceases to express herself-- especially with her jewelry. She lives for bright colors + bold shapes, and is as fun to shop for as she is out on the town.


This is the friend whose warm and wood-filled apartment enchants every time you visit, a faux (or real?) Eames lounger peeking out from the corner of the room. Slightly vintage, slightly modern, Maritza loves architecture and design, and likes to stand out with clean lines and interesting materials.


OK, maybe Rosie's days of having a shaved head, basement punk shows until 7 AM, and drag racing are long gone, but that doesn't mean she's lost her rebellious spirit. Gift her with something to help her express her inner non-conformist...even at her office 9-5.
Quill Burst Earrings   $195