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Seed Grant Exclusives

Shop any of these die-for pieces from A+T designers and 100% of the proceeds fund our BIPOC Seed Grant. 

About the grant:

"They tried to bury us, but they didn't know we were seeds." - Mexican Proverb

Historically, in the United States, people who visibly present as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color have been disadvantaged and marginalized.  As a long term result, BIPOC people have encountered more roadblocks and less access to resources than their white or white-presenting counterparts. The Adornment and Theory Artist Seed Grant seeks to address this gap.

Over the last several years, Adornment and Theory has developed and implemented an annual Seed Grant with the intention of offering visibly BIPOC jewelers and artists a no-strings-attached grant that they can utilize to elevate their craft and/or businesses as they see fit. 

In 2023, Adornment and Theory is hoping to offer seven $1000 grants to visibly BIPOC artists. In order to reach this goal we need YOU, our community, to help.

All of the pieces on this page have been donated by the artist and 100% of proceeds will go directly to the Seed Grant. 

Interested in donating more? We have set up a GoFundMe to collect alternative donations from our community. 

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  • "Viviana and the whole Adornment and Theory team were so friendly, helpful, and responsive through the custom jewelry design process. And the custom ring was perfect. Can't recommend them highly enough"

    Todd H.

  • "Love this jewelry boutique. Always has unique beautiful pieces. Worked with Viviana to design a custom necklace using an heirloom amethyst, and the necklace is stunning! Better than I'd hoped. The design process was easy with several places I could weigh in with my thoughts. Viviana was a joy to work with. I felt like she listened and understood me even when I had trouble saying what I meant. She's also an amazing designer. Highly recommend."

    Olivia S.

  • "I had my wedding ring custom designed by Viviana with Adornment & Theory and it is stunning. I get SO many compliments on it and the intricate setting. Highly recommend her and the whole team. I am not local and she made the process seamless!"

    Jessica S.