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Kassandra Lauren Gordon

Kassandra Lauren Gordon

Kassandra Lauren Gordon's work explores the 3 C's of jewelry DNS - concepts, culture, and connection. Her work often explores abstract concepts such as identity, heritage, and legacy. She uses jewelry as a way to give physical form to these abstract ideas. Her work is deeply rooted in British & Jamaican culture. She draws on the rich heritage and symbolism of this culture to create pieces that are both authentic and meaningful. As a visual cultural artist and fine jeweler, Kassandra communicates the layered influences of British-Jamaicans; from the beauty and diversity of braiding and hair styling, to traces of imperialism and the intersectionality of spaces. Her pieces are modern heirlooms, with a meaningful story to tell. As a signature detail, she creates braids and threads to subtly frame the pieces - an important element of culture and creativity that becomes a part of the beauty and meaning behind the jewelry.

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