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Polaroid photo of Viviana Langhoff

Viviana Langhoff

Designer + Founder of A+T

“I absolutely love to adorn people in beautiful pieces embedded with deep personal meaning. On the daily, you can find me designing one-of-a-kind jewelry, finding new work to fill our gorgeous studio, treasure hunting, and hand-selecting gorgeous fair-trade gemstones.

When I am not running this stylish weird little jewel box, you can find me; making fine art, being a world-class meme dealer, a dog mom, seeking to utilize my gifts and platform to love God and others well through industry equity work.....and when the day is done narcotizing myself to the Housewives on Bravo”

Polaroid photo of Bianca Norris

Bianca Norris

Shop + Studio Manager

“As the shop + studio manager at A+T, you can find me manning our Logan Square jewel box 5 days out of the week styling our chic clientele, piecing together our world famous Instagram stories, and answering all your emails. The other two days are spent designing and re-working my wardrobe, listening to a curated selection of disco hits, and raising @arthurandollie "

Polaroid photo of Madison Moore

Madison Moore

Assistant Manager

"Having a background in the beauty industry, I have always loved working with people and making them feel their best. As the assistant manager of A+T, I'm here to help adorn you in beautiful jewels that make you feel fabulous! I also love to help out behind the scene - especially curating the Instagram & sourcing gemstones for Viviana's custom designs. When I'm not at the jewel box, you can find me binge watching the latest Netflix series, obsessing over my dogs, & attempting to learn how to cook from my chef hubby."