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  1. Side and front view of gold plated brass looped hoop earrings on white background
  2. curled gold hoop stud earrings angled on a white background
  3. white earring stand with mismatched oxidized silver dandle earrings on a white background
  4. white earring stand with triangle mismatched oxidized silver dandle earrings on a white background

Dazzling Disco Vibes

Perfect for a night out or with your favorite little black dress.

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  • "Viviana and the whole Adornment and Theory team were so friendly, helpful, and responsive through the custom jewelry design process. And the custom ring was perfect. Can't recommend them highly enough"

    Todd H.

  • "Love this jewelry boutique. Always has unique beautiful pieces. Worked with Viviana to design a custom necklace using an heirloom amethyst, and the necklace is stunning! Better than I'd hoped. The design process was easy with several places I could weigh in with my thoughts. Viviana was a joy to work with. I felt like she listened and understood me even when I had trouble saying what I meant. She's also an amazing designer. Highly recommend."

    Olivia S.

  • "I had my wedding ring custom designed by Viviana with Adornment & Theory and it is stunning. I get SO many compliments on it and the intricate setting. Highly recommend her and the whole team. I am not local and she made the process seamless!"

    Jessica S.