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Adornment Weddings:  Bri + Jeremy

Adornment Weddings: Bri + Jeremy

Bri + Jeremy...where do we even start? From the moment we met him, Jeremy quickly became one of our neighborhood favorites, working next door and always stopping by to say hello and share a laugh. When we met Bri, it was obvious the two of them were destined to find one another.  Their Spring wedding at the Humbolt Park Field House reflected all the things we love the most about them: their love of their families, a good time, and one another.  We are grateful to have these two as part of our A+T family, and know  you'll love and appreciate their wedding details as much as we do.


How did you two meet?
Bri: We met at my tia’s house. Jeremy's best friend was dating my cousin, who was sitting in the kitchen.

Tell us what you love about your ring (or rings)? 
Bri: I love the effortless look of it. It’s beautiful, it’s simple, but yet with so many fine details. And I love that it’s different! Most girls get silver or white gold, but i wanted something yellow gold. I was so happy that Viviana was able to design something that fits my personality. 

Jeremy: It’s 1:1. The uniqueness, the shine, shimmer, and made by one of our most talented friends. Viviana made Bri have a flex on her finger! Overall: just fire. Bri deserves the best, so I brought her to Adornment & Theory.

How was the process of designing your ring?
Jeremy: Super easy! Viviana was able to capture what I wanted in Bri’s ring. She was also super flexible. She captured my vision spot on, and was able to create something I wanted and needed that would encapsulate everything I envisioned. And the team showed support! Why though go to Jared? Just go to Viv.

What was your favorite part of your wedding?
Bri: Towards the end--just dancing so much with my family!  I wanted a super simple wedding, nothing flashy or extra, and that’s what we got. The whole day was pretty magical. 

Jeremy: Just seeing everyone who knew us and has been part of our life join together for our moment. It's symbolic to our new beginning.

Is there anything you would have changed?

Jeremy: I wish our limo driver didn't attempt to do a u-turn on Humboldt Drive...

Any advice for couples who are planning their wedding?
Bri: Remember that it’s just a day!!! And no, you don’t have to invite your Mom’s cousins 3rd niece.
Jeremy: The day will be over before you know it. Keep it simple, don’t make it a $40,000 event. The napkins don’t matter.