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Adornment Weddings: Alexis + Greg

Adornment Weddings: Alexis + Greg

Alexis and Greg are a couple whose love is palpable the minute you meet them. They exist in a creative, thoughtful symbiosis that is both beautiful and charming, and their unique personalities shine through in everything they do. Their wedding and reception were no exception! These two are a true part of our A+T family, even inviting our staff to their incredibly stylish reception at BLVD (where we danced the night away!). We love them dearly, and hope you'll love and appreciate their wedding details as much as we do.

How did you two meet?
Near the end of August in 2001, we saw each other across the 3rd floor of the improbably coed DePaul University dorm, Munroe Hall. Morning classes were often blown off, as we would stay up early into the morning hanging out, getting to know each other, and becoming increasingly close. We both fell in love with each other, although neither of us shared those feelings with the other.

We remained friends as we went on with our lives, both transferring to Columbia to pursue film and television degrees. Alexis moved to NYC and Greg to LA, and we were separated by state lines for quite some time. Years later, back in Chicago, we finally said what was so difficult to say when we were eighteen. Our relationship grew into being more than friends just after New Years of 2017, and in September of 2019— eighteen years after we first met— we got married just a few miles away from where it all began!

Tell us what you love about your rings? 
This is corny as hell, but our rings just belong together... like us! Viviana designed the exquisite Beyoncé ring (now the Alexis ring) with complimentary halo wedding band and the moment I put it on, we knew it was bashert (Hebrew for "meant to be"), co-signed by our dogs jumping up and down and barking for joy. It was important to us that the ring have a romantic, one-of-a-kind meets vintage feel, as if we discovered it in some fabulous Moroccan bazaar, but that in actuality we work with a local, female-owned small business with which we could build a lifelong relationship. The center stone, an ethically sourced Montana pale blue-green sapphire is also the color of Greg’s eyes, which drew me to it in the case. Greg’s hammered gold band, also designed by Viviana, is the ring of a maker; as a graphic designer, we thought it best represented his creative spirit. 

There were also many pop-ins  to the shop  post-proposal to say hi to the friendly staff, have the rings cleaned, and discover more beautiful pieces! We also commissioned custom engraved bangles for bridal party gifts in the same design aesthetic as our rings. 


How was the process of designing or purchasing your ring?
Designing was a snap! We just let Viviana do her thing and make beautiful pieces. We just so happened to have magically timed things so that when we were on a walk with our dogs, we stumbled across the perfect engagement ring and fell in love with it. Exactly as we planned it…

But seriously, the purchasing was equally as painless. The only stress felt was ensuring that Alexis obtained the ring, as there was another couple interested in buying the then-Beyoncé. Viviana, Bianca, and Emily made this hugely important experience incredibly easy and personal. The A+T squad made Greg feel completely at ease, which is key knowing he had the most important question of my life to ask just ahead of him.

What was your favorite part of your wedding?
The ceremony. We wrote it together with our two good friends who acted as our officiants. To write it was special, to live it was a dream come true. 

 Is there anything you would have changed?
We've come to realize that the wedding we ultimately had was exactly the one we wanted. It’s not always easy to see that as you move forward through the planning process and creation, but when we look back, we know it was the most personal and specific wedding to us.

At the end of day all that really does matter is that you're marrying the love of your life and what surprises and humbles you is that all these wonderful people from your tribe are present and showing up for you with big amazing displays of affection. The only thing we wished was different was that those who could not be with us were there.

Any advice for couples who are planning their wedding?
Be uniquely you! Giving an experience to your guests that's truly reflective of your love story, humor, and passions will be memorable for them, and will ultimately be what you’ll truly value creating together for your wedding.

And even if it’s one small thing, try to make elements of the wedding yourselves. It’s a great way to save money and bring you closer together during a stressful time. We created our save the date video, e-invitations, program, popcorn boxes, movie poster, thank you cards, and ceremony decor. When it matters, don’t compromise what it is you want for what others say they need at your wedding. There is no set structure or idea of a ceremony or reception you need to adhere to. 

Lastly, you don’t always have a planner in the budget so whether it’s the jeweler down the street or event manager for your venue, trust in the alchemy of the vendors you meet/are referred to along the way to help guide and execute your vision. They become the heroes of your wedding.
Flowers: Taxaflora (discovered at the VL Collection Launch Party!)
Reception: BLVD Chicago
Dogs: Perfect