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Adornment Weddings: Karen + Kyle

Adornment Weddings: Karen + Kyle

Custom Couple Karen + Kyle share their Wes Anderson themed wedding and their experience designing a custom piece with Viviana
A+T Couple Karen and Kyle put on a gorgeous Wes Anderson themed wedding in Pocahontas State Park, Richmond, VA last fall.
Take a look at their wedding planning journey + hear all about their experience designing a one of a kind piece with Viviana. 

How did you meet?
Karen: We met online! He wasn’t looking for anything serious, but I was very serious about marriage. I’m still not sure he realizes that I tricked him into this, but he seems to think he got the better end of the deal. 

Tell us what you love about your ring?
Karen: I love that it’s unique! Viviana used an heirloom stone from my grandmother’s ring, and a hexagonal salt-and-pepper diamond to make it into a modern design just for me. 

How was the process of designing your ring?
Karen: The design process was the most fun part-- right up until the proposal of course! Viviana used the ideas I showed her, and came back with some beautiful sketches. When I chose the design I liked best, Kyle and Viviana worked together to budget and plan a timeline for the final design so he could propose on our trip to Colorado. 
Kyle: Viviana also brought the whole thing together in a hurry so I didn’t have to propose with a Ring Pop! 

What was your favorite part of your wedding?
Karen: How it all came together! I planned the wedding mostly from where I was living in Chicago, and I prioritized small, woman-owned companies in Richmond for my vendors. I had so many phone calls and emails with the small business owners I worked with, that they eventually became my first good friends when I moved to town! 
Kyle: Definitely the ceremony, when they say “you’re man and wife,” getting to be married to my best friend. And the dancing, I love dancing!

Is there anything you would have changed?
Karen: I wouldn’t change anything about the day except how much I turned into a bridezilla! I kept trying to control things when I needed to just chill and enjoy the day. Otherwise, the whole day was beautiful and I wound up married to the best guy around!
Kyle: I probably wouldn’t have left the reception to do a photo shoot. I could’ve spent that time dancing!

Do you have advice for couples currently planning their wedding?
Karen: If you don’t plan any other element of your wedding, just make sure that people know where they need to be and at what time. Then you can spend more time enjoying the day instead of fussing over silly details. Support small businesses, and don’t overlook public parks as venue options. They’re beautiful and can be very budget-friendly!