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Adornment Weddings: Katie + Josiah

Adornment Weddings: Katie + Josiah

1. How did you meet?  

High school Theatre! It was a production of Dracula where Josiah had never done theatre in his life! He and Jeremy decided to audition out of the blue as a joke, then they got cast. 😂 I, who usually doesn't start theatre until the end of fall because of Tennis, decided to participate later and run the sound board. We then became friends for the duration of the year until our love blossomed in the spring! 😊



2. Tell us what you love about your ring(or rings)? 

Oh my gosh, where to start! I love that Josiah had a huge part in design because it truly shows how meticulous he is and how much he cares. I also love that I had the chance to put my spin on the wedding band. Josiah absolutely loves his wedding ring as well! He especially had fun thinking about the design he was looking for and to make something unique and special (Something men don't usually get to enjoy with their wedding rings) Josiah and I both are very pleased with our wedding rings - we love the detail, quality, and craftsmanship that Adornment and Theory offers. 

3. How was the process of designing your ring? 

Josiah always mentions how much attention to detail and care that Viviana and her staff gave through-out the process of designing the engagement ring. From the sketch, to the rendering, to the final piece, it is a lot to think about, but we were guided through so effortlessly. It is a big project and she gives such individualized attention to every one of her custom clients. She was actually recommended by his best friend Jeremy who also got his engagement ring designed for his wife by Viviana. 


4. What was your favorite part of your wedding?

My favorite part of the wedding was actually when we were cutting the cake. I remember the cake song was one of the last pieces of music that we had added in the DJ playlist. It was a fairly new song by Ben Platt (Imagine), and when we heard it for the first time we knew "it should be our cake cutting song!" LOL everybody was asking what the song was too at the wedding. But it was just so infectious and encompassing of the union we just made. It was a surreal moment that I actually took the time to take in that day. 

Josiah's Favorite Part: "My favorite part of the wedding was when I first got to see Katherine at our First Look. The reality of the wedding day hit so strongly and I was excited for the rest to follow."



5. Is there anything you would have changed?

If we had known the weather would be mid to high 90's in late September...maybe we would have changed the date. But, unfortunately we can't see the future and if that's the only thing I can complain about, I'd say it was a pretty amazing day. 


6. Advice for couples who are planning their wedding now?

1. Get all your vendors early and out of the way! 2. Don't spend a ton of money on table decor - Utilize second hand options (FB Market Place, Letgo, etc.) I got such beautiful lanterns that this couple used just once for their wedding from Pier One and the retail price was like $50 a piece!