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Adornment Weddings: Matt + Irene

Adornment Weddings: Matt + Irene

Take a look at Irene + Matt's scenic nautical outdoor nuptials and hear what they had to say about the process behind designing Irene's one of a kind ring.
Q: How did you meet? 
A: For our first date we met at a coffee shop in Lincoln Park, when that went well we walked over to the zoo and looked at the flamingos and the gorillas, and when that went well we went out for a drink at a rooftop bar. 
Q: Tell us what you love about your ring(or rings)?  
A: I love how Irene genuinely cherishes her ring. We love that the ring is one of a kind. And that it was designed especially for Irene, so it holds special meaning for us. Irene loves green and Matt loves blue and the ring includes stones in both of those colors.
Q: How was the process of designing your ring? 
A: Exciting! We loved being a part of the process. Picking an engagement/wedding ring was really hard. You know that you are going to wear it for the rest of your life, so you kind of want it to be perfect. Irene is really into jewelry so she wanted something different but also timeless. We looked at rings, and then we looked for ring designers, but we didn't know who to choose. When we found Viviana it was a huge relief because we trusted her to work with us until we got an ideal design for us, and we loved her designs. 
Q: What was your favorite part of your wedding? 
A: Being on the water. Irene being really really nauseous. JK Our wedding was outside and it started raining right when we finished saying our vows. We were supposed to have cocktails outside but we all essentially ran in. But, then after hors d'oeuvres the sky cleared up and there was a rainbow. And we got to take our pictures outside which was so important to us!
Q: Is there anything you would have changed? 
A: Well, yes and no. Irene was 38 when we got married, and since we knew we wanted to have kids, we decided to start trying before the wedding. We got really lucky because Irene got pregnant quickly, but that also meant that she was super nauseous at our wedding. 
Q: Advice for couples who are planning their wedding? 
A: Do your best to keep it simple and not stress out. Also, it's your wedding, do what makes you happy and make it authentic to you.