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Adornment Weddings: Melanie + Shaun

Adornment Weddings: Melanie + Shaun

Q: How did you meet?

We met through our kids. Our daughters Abbi and Bella were classmates and friends for a few years. As such, we got to know each other at birthday parties, school functions, after school pick ups and play dates. Eventually, the mini conversations turned into one lengthy conversation during a playdate for the girls that then led to a group outing with all the kids and then, ultimately, our first date.

 Q: Tell us what you love about your ring (or rings)?

Mel: I love the regal and Art Deco vibes I get when I look at them. I also love how each ring could stand on its own (I have three) and they’re each delicately stunning and unique. When we were selecting the stone for my engagement ring I was excited about doing something different and incorporating contrasting colors and shapes. The Gray spinel framed in a long hexagon setting with baguette diamonds on each side accomplished just that. Then we added pear-shaped black diamonds to the bands to give the complete set more length and elegance. 

Shaun really likes the Gray spinel, especially how it changes from shades of gray to purple depending on the lighting. He also likes the symmetry of the complete set of rings.


 Q: How was the process of designing your ring?

Mel: Fun until I was kicked out (lol!). I really enjoyed just being able to share my likes and preferences and that Viviana took that and created something gorgeous that embodied those details and is a reflection of me and my husband.

Shaun: The process was seamless. There was good communication throughout it all. Especially with edits - they were welcomed and our suggestions were taken into consideration every step of the way. 


 Q: What was your favorite part of your wedding?

Actually having one! We were married in mid December of last year when COVID-19 restrictions had tightened for a second time. We had to postpone our celebration (which will take place this year), but we were set on “keeping the main thing the main thing.” We had a small ceremony with our family at Mel’s church and it was beautiful.

Mel: of the ceremony, I’d say the exchanging of vows was my favorite part.

 Q: Is there anything you would have changed?

Despite all the changes, stresses and limitations around our wedding day, it was sweet and close to perfect. My only wish is that all the people we love could’ve been there in person to experience it with us.


 Q: Advice for couples who are planning their wedding now?

Mel: I would say remember your “why,” - the reason you’re having a wedding. When we were faced with having to limit our numbers and, ultimately, change our original plan for our wedding day, it helped me to stay focused on how thrilled I was to be marrying Shaun. I think it’s also helpful to prioritize what’s most important to you. For us, having our family present was most important.

Shaun: Keep it simple. Focus on the key things that you’re trying to have for that day, and don’t worry about the tiny things. No matter what, during the process, stay focused on each other and know that regardless of what situations arise the purpose is to proclaim your love and commitment to the person you want to spend your life with.


Photos by Lynda Remus - Midwest Wedding + Family Photographer