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April Birthstone: Diamond

April Birthstone: Diamond

The most glamorous birthstone of them all, Diamonds are over a billion years old and continue to be chosen by those who are drawn to their undeniable sparkle. Diamonds are the hardest known substance on earth, which is one reason why they've become such a popular choice for wedding + engagement rings. 

The diamond is thought to be the gemstone of eternal love, and is said to bring the wearer inner strength. These precious gemstones come in just about every color imaginable, but the classic white diamond still dominates the jewelry industry. 

Take a look at our conflict-free + lab-grown diamond jewelry selection, in store and online now. 


Diamond Coll Ring, $565


Diamond Bubble Band, $770


Diamond Shield Ring, $3.600


White Diamond Intertwine Ring, $2,715

Brigitte Baguette Diamond Ring, $1,355

Lola Baguette Diamond Earrings, $450