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Types of Wedding Bands

Types of Wedding Bands

When we think of wedding bands, there's usually only a few styles that come to mind. The truth is that wedding bands are as varied as the people that wear them. They're another opportunity to express your personal style and your commitment to your person. Below we’ll walk through a few of the most common styles and see what might work best for you. 

3mm Half-round 14k yellow gold band

Half Round
This is a classic, timeless ring. It will never go out of style. If you like simple and straightforward - this is the ring for you. We can get these rings in any width from 1mm to about 12mm. Most women choose between 1.5-3mm and most men go with between 4-6mm 
The flat nature of this band makes it more modern than a half round, but it’s still just as timeless. This is another ring that works well for all genders and another one that we can customize in many different widths. 
Rose gold wedding band with hand engraving
One of the best things about gold bands is that they are just a starting point. You can get them engraved, hammered, matte or a million other options. 


A half eternity band of tiny diamonds
This ring is a row of diamonds. It sparkles profusely and is a great fit with a large sparkling engagement ring. It's a classic that can be altered by utilizing different stone colors, sizes and metals. 
A half eternity band of yellow gold with an pattern of a diamond baguette and 2 round diamonds
If you’re looking for something a little less traditional, but you still want the sparkle of a pave band - consider looking into a patterned diamond band. The different cuts of diamonds make for endless options. The ring above features baguettes and round diamonds, but designs can be made with marquise, pear, square, and any other shape of diamond. 


A yellow gold band with a central curve of 7 diamonds in graduating sizes with the largest in the center
This band will gently curve around your engagement ring and highlight it. It's still a very classic look - but it's also very elegant and a little bit different . Traditional classic contour bands feature round diamonds, but you can find them with other diamond shapes as well.

A yellow gold ring with a central cluster of 5 marquis diamonds of graduating sizes
Crown contour rings sit above or below your ring and they usually have a cluster of stones that draws attention to your engagement ring. The picture above is of our Isabel Arc Topper Ring which pairs perfectly with out Isabel Ring
A 14k yellow gold V-band that tapers at the point and has diamonds set into it
V Band 
This ring will frame your engagement ring with flair. It can be as subtle or dramatic as you'd like. At Adornment and Theory, we love a good V Band and you’ll find quite a few here.



A yellow gold band with a playful shape and embedded diamonds
Arabesque band 
This particular band features a unique profile and patterns. It’s certainly a band that stands out and is great for adding texture to a stack.
Two Cognac rings side by side. One is 6mm wide with a row of champagne diamonds in the middle and matte metal work on either side.The other is 2mm wide and has matte metal work
Cognac Band
This band is a wonderful, unique wedding band. It has an even profile and features a row of diamonds surrounded by matte gold milgrain work. We offer it in a few different styles including the 2mm and 6mm shown above. 
a 6mm wide shiny yellow gold band with engraved swirls, cutouts and embedded black, champagne, and white diamonds
Heavenly Bodies
One of the signature pieces of Viviana Langhoff’s Astrolabe collection, the Heavenly Bodies Cigar Band features swirls of hand engraved details around black, champagne, and white diamonds. It takes a standard flat gold band and elevated it to the next level with cutouts and other embellishments. 

At the end of the day, there are no hard and fast rules about picking a wedding band. More than anything else, pick something that resonates with you. Our Adornment and Theory Gems are always more than happy to help you find the wedding band of your dreams. Email us at or stop by our store anytime to get started on that process.