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December Birthstone: Turquoise

December Birthstone: Turquoise

We're taking a look at the world's first mined gemstone, now on the blog.

Whether you're born in December or just love the color blue, both of Decembers birthstones have their own unique take on this favorite hue! From the intense blue and green of turquoise to the blue and violet of tanzanite – there’s a shade for everyone. Whatever your color or style preferences may be, we can help you pick the right December birthstone for you and your loved ones!


One of the oldest gemstones to ever be mined, this December birth stone is said to bring good fortune + success to it's wearer. 

Take a look at our favorite A+T turquoise pieces and grab the perfect gift for your Sagittarius friends. All gems available in store + online now. 


Hexa Turquoise Pendant, $585

A bright blue turquoise elegantly hangs from a delicate paperclip chain necklace - making the perfect laying piece for just a pop of color and texture. Pairs perfectly with the Astra Hex Turquoise Ring!


Astra Hex Turquoise Ring, $665

The gold and turquoise Astra ring features a beautiful hexagonal turquoise surrounded by delicate milgrain detailing. Pairs perfectly with the Hexa Turquoise Necklace!


Petite Revival Turquoise Necklace, $1380

A quintessential necklace that goes with everything! This 14k yellow gold necklace features a tiny turquoise cabochon and is made by designer Jeanette Park.



Don't love turquoise? Don't worry! December's alternative birthstone is the velvety TANZANITE!

A relative newcomer to the world of colored stones, tanzanite comes in beautiful shades of rich blues to violet. With its vivid colors, high clarity and potential for large cut stones, tanzanite quickly became a a popular gemstone.

Take a look at our favorite A+T tanzanite pieces, available in store + online now.


 These stunning one of a kind earrings are hand fabricated locally in Chicago.



This one of a kind necklace has both a subtle and statement quality, with its clean design and pop of color.


Complimenting shades of blues and purples balance this delicate statement ring!