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Five for Friday: Jewelry Designer Jenni Dowie

Five for Friday: Jewelry Designer Jenni Dowie
Five questions with jewelry designer and all-around lovely human Jenni Dowie of Miarante Jewelry. Jennie uses bi-color tourmalines, black diamonds, and 14k gold to craft her dainty earrings, rings, and necklaces here in Chicago. Be sure to check out her delicate, detailed work at A+T, both online and in-store! 

1. Where do you find style inspiration?
JD: The the Scottish countryside where I grew up has beautiful, untamed landscape-- deep moss-filled forests, and purple mountain heather. As much as we complain about it, the weather is really wonderful in so many ways, with epic cloud formations and rainbows in the mist. Chicago is also inspiring to me. It has a well-balanced edginess and sophistication which I love, and definitely has inspired my favorite design combination of tourmaline and black diamonds. My style definitely combines the sophistication of the city with the wild nature of the Highlands.

2. How would you describe your style?

JD:  I like simplicity with subtle detail. My look is kinda "elegantly sporty;" a fun pant (jeans or joggers), sneakers, and leather jacket. I love graphic tees, but also pretty, flowing button downs. I mainly wear black, white, or neutrals, and add jewelry and/or a scarf for a wee bit of color.

3. What is your personal motto?
Let's have some tea before doing anything drastic.

4. What advice would you give others looking to challenge social norms? 
JD: I left Scotland to finish my studies in the US and pursue a career in academia. I got my PHD in history, but decided to take a completely different direction. People told me I was wasting years of study by not following the specific path I'd been carving out for myself. You can get trapped into society’s idea of what you ‘should’ be doing, but the only person you need to please is yourself. Everything you learn is always going to be of great worth; be proud of that! Take a risk and see what happens. You’ll most likely end up thinking, "what on earth was I doing that for... when I could have been doing this!" 

Tourmaline + Black Diamond Petal Studs by Jenni Dowie

5. What is some professional advice that helped you navigate your career? 
JD: “It’s a big world. There's room for everyone.”
There are definitely people out there that want to be your competitor, and there are those who want to be your supporter. The first lot just aren’t worth bothering about.  

Bonus Question: Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry?
JD:  I wear a very old bracelet pretty much everyday. It has a grey cord with tiny gemstones, and a round, speckled agate in the center. I purchased it at a boutique in Chicago, and I love the style and the unique center stone. It's earthy and delicate, with just enough sparkle! 

Many thanks Jennie for finding the time to chat with us! 

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