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Five for Friday: Kassandra Gordon

Five for Friday: Kassandra Gordon

 We're bringing back our Five for Friday series so you can get to know some of the incredible jewelry designers in our Jewel Box!

First up, we have Kassandra Gordon

Kassandra is a London-based award-winning multidisciplinary artist and multi-passionate person who - through a journey of self-discovery - found inspiration to channel herself and her community through her art. 

We're so excited that she was able to take some time and share some of her process and insight with us! 



Kassandra Gordon Sketching a ring

1. Where are you currently finding inspiration for your work or passion projects?


I find inspiration everywhere. However, the main three 'strands' where I find my inspiration in my culture, concepts and connections. I am British Jamaican so I take a lot of layers of influences from British (especially London) and Jamaican culture. My concepts are my approach to storytelling. I started my creative journey as a poet- I often think in metaphors and think of my jewellery visual wearable poems. My connections in life influence my jewellery, such as examining the close relationships I have with family, home and places.

2. Who would you say has been your biggest influence, style-wise, personally, or professionally?

The biggest influence I have personally is my brother- he is so bothered about things and works hard. He is such a sweetheart. I really admire his character traits.

3. If you could have dinner with anyone (dead/alive) who would it be?

The Queen- Beyonce! I would love to know about her creative process and how she stays ahead of the curve.

4. Do you have a personal motto?

I refuse to lose.

5. What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

I find it hard to pick one but all of my jewellery pieces are all of my babies! But one I really love now and wear every day is the Braided Life Gold Studs. The pattern on the earrings represents hair. I feel that hair is hair was a symbol of eternal life and a reminder of mortality and immortalityCut locks were also considered heirlooms. Hair can be seen as valuable mementos and sources of comfort for loved ones. These earrings remind me not to take life and my loved ones for granted! It is a versatile pair of stylish earrings - you can wear it day to night- and goes with any outfit. I feel naked without wearing them

Check out Kassandra's work in person at Adornment and Theory or through this link.