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Five for Friday with Jewelry Designer Georgina Trevino

Five for Friday with Jewelry Designer Georgina Trevino

Our featured Five for Friday artist this week is Mexican contemporary jeweler Georgina Trevino! We've fallen in love with Georgina's colorful + cheeky + glamorous work, so we were ecstatic when we finally got the chance to talk to her about her design influences, style inspo, and more. Read what Georgina had to say about her career from her San Diego jewelry studio, and take a look at the pieces she's designed for her own line + for celebrity clients like A+T faves Bad Bunny  and Rico Nasty


Q. Where do you tend to find inspiration for your work or passion projects?


A: I find inspiration from art, pop culture, the streets, music, fashion and my bicultural upbringing.

Current Collections are inspired by the mass production of jewelry. “Fake jewelry”  “Tacky” body ornaments as well as the mass production of “Fake” high-end brands.


Depending on the project, inspiration shifts ,but always adding a touch of irony, edgy-ness and fun to each piece.


Since pandemic started I began a collaborative project "Covid-Collab Series". A series of casual collaboration pieces with artists and designers from all over the world with the purpose to help promote their work through my platform and giving 40-50% of sales directly to the artists to help during these hard times.  Inspiration for these pieces has def been a fun and learning process . Getting out of my comfort zone, incorporating each artist's inspiration and trying new mediums.




 Q: How would you describe your personal style? 

A: My style changes depending on my mood and constantly evolving. I think is important to have a style that makes you feel confident and comfortable and most importantly express who you are. 😊


For sure lots of vintage and always supporting local Artists & brands!



Q: Who would you say has been your biggest influence- style wise, personally, or professionally?

A: My all time Mexican style icon Doña Maria Felix  for her bold and fearless confidence.

Personally, I would say my fathers sister, Art Curator Estela Trevino and uncle, Architect Mauricio Rocha. Both were a huge inspiration while I lived with them in Mexico city during a period of time and allowed me to get involved in the art community and meet many great artists.


Q: What is some professional advice you received that helped you navigate your current artistic projects + career path? 

A: I had a mentor tell me once “ don’t stop” keep going… keep making making… 😊

I always remember this as a Moto. Especially years back, right after graduating and not having specific projects, I just made work for fun and to improve my tech skills . Always a reminder to keep going,  “work makes work” . To not give up and believe in myself.





Q: What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

A: It's hard to pick just one! but I would say this art deco statement sterling silver necklace that belonged to my great grandmother, given to my mom and now I feel honored it has passed on to me along with other amazing pieces. All made in MEXICO! 😊