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Heirloom: Reclaiming Personal Histories

Heirloom: Reclaiming Personal Histories

Heirlooms and keepsakes have been a part of family traditions since early civilization. They can be any sort of precious or sentimental object passed down through generations, but most famously take the form of jewelry. Heirloom jewelry is so fascinating because of the weight of history encapsulated in one small item.

While we hear of many having a keepsake passed down to them, how often do we create heirlooms to be passed down to our kids and grandkids? The thought completely changes how we would purchase jewelry. How would knowing it would stay in your family for generations influence the style and material choice?

How do you want to continue a history or a legacy.

What do you consider an heirloom?

What jewelry object of your time would you pass down?

What have you been given and how have you retrofitted it to your style

Adornment and Theory - Heirloom Anya

Anya's Story:

Antique silver bracelet and matching ring. Etched and oxidized from Moldova.

Adornment and Theory - Heirloom Erin

Erin's Story:

Mother had created this custom made birthstone necklaces representing their birthday's. This keepsake was given to Erin before her mother passed of breast cancer.

Adornment and Theory - Heirloom Shaina

Shaina's Story:

Garman onyx ring and necklace given by family friend and handed down.

Adornment and Theory - Heirloom Karen

Karen's Story:

Grandmothers marquee shaped wedding ring with rose cut diamonds

Adornment and Theory - Heirloom Viviana

Viviana's Story:

My abuelas rosary and Bible

Adornment and Theory - Heirloom Michael

Michael’s Story:

Great grandfathers pocket watch handed down to the 4th generation.