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January Birthstone: Garnet

January Birthstone: Garnet

January's gem of the month is Garnet, a stone who's history goes back thousands of years.

Garnet been found among jewelry in ancient Egyptian tombs, and was favored by nobility and clergy in the middle ages. It has a hardness of 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale, making it a bit softer than a diamond but about the same hardness as quartz or citrine so it is recommended for every day wear.

Garnets are largely found in antique jewelry from the Georgian period when most of these gems were flat cut and enhanced with a tinted foil backing in a closed-back setting to bring out their fiery color. During the Victorian period, most garnets were rose cut and set into more bohemian-looking settings, like sun + moon motifs. 

There are over 10 varieties of garnets ranging in colors like orange + green,  but the most common in modern fine jewelry are the red and rhodolite garnets. Rhodolite garnets come in a variety of hot pink or fuchsia tones and are usually free of inclusions, making them highly desirable for fine jewelry. 

Garnets are famous for their protective properties providing energizing and regenerative powers and are said to strengthen the odds of prosperity in business. What a great way to start a new year! 


Take a look at our favorite garnet jewels, in store + online now. 


The Hayley Ring in Garnet

Five diamonds climb each side of this 14K gold ring, with rope and milgrain detailing in the band. Original, intriguing, and fabulous. Created by A+T shop owner and designer Viviana Langhoff. 

Each piece in Viviana's collection can be customized with the metal color and with the center stone of your choosing. Interested in customizing another piece in the collection? Email us at



The Tillya Tepe Heart Necklace 

The Tillya Tepe Heart Charm features a turquoise heart cabochon in a bezel setting topped with bezel set rhodolite garnet baguette hanging off of a delicate cable chain.
The heart is commonly associated with love and romance but the use of heart imagery in ancient Bactria originated in people’s primal connection to nature. Our fun and whimsical take on the motif reflects our love and commitment to mother Earth.
This curated collection borrows its name from the Italian word for heart, cuore, to celebrate the sentiment that every romance is individual, as well as every heartThis one of a kind rhodolite garnet has been lovingly hand-picked and complimented with individually composed textured gold and diamonds. It's a charming and delicate piece, perfect for an understated look, or to layer with other necklaces- for a more eye-catching sparkle.  This pendant is available with or without a chain.
The Single Baguette Stud is a simple and elegant take on a classic staple. Features a 4x2mm baguette set in a modified bezel setting, this stud is gorgeous on its own, in a matched pair, or mixed and matched with any of our other earrings.