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2020 Summer/Fall Jewelry Trends We Love

2020 Summer/Fall Jewelry Trends We Love

Erdem, Alberta Ferretti

Celestial adornment is always in style at A+T, but these explosive earrings and rings feel like a physical manifestation of how we feel every time we leave the house. Instead of past trends that emphasized symbolic moons and stars, this trend is leaning toward more modern depictions of starbursts, fireworks, and sacred geometry. 




Whether it's Dalì's surreal appeal or simply a celebration of symbology, we're seeing lots of eyes and decoration of the ocular area in presentations for 2020. This trend encourages you to embrace your third eye (or fourth, or fifth)...and we're here for it!

Eye Signet RingMagic Mobile Earrings


Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood

Six feet away? Not a problem. This summer and fall, the glamorous set are eschewing the dainty and fully celebrating maximalism. Bold, bright colors are paired with inventive shapes to bring attention where it belongs: the inimitable you. The old adage from Coco Chanel need not be repeated this year-- we say pile on the accessories, make them loud, and add one more: a mask.


From signet rings and vintage details, to layered lockets and pearl strands, everything heirloom is high on the list for the fashion-obsessed this year. Even brooches are having a resurgence! Spring stay-at-home had us raiding our closets and jewelry boxes and giving a second glance to older items. Fortunate enough to have a family piece that is just shy of your style? We've got you covered! Heirloom redesign is one of in-house designer Viviana's specialties, and there is no time like the present to get those heirlooms out of the box and onto your body.

And for those without a passed-down piece, you won't have to look far to find something to make your own heirloom. We recommend sticking to classic detail and silhouettes, while integrating vintage detail like milgrain, filigree, and stone color.