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Ten Latina Jewelers To Know

Ten Latina Jewelers To Know

September 15th marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. Here at Adornment + Theory, we are painfully aware that Latinos make up a large part of the hidden jewelry industry; the bench workers who are meticulously dedicated to their craft and without whom we would not have a jewelry industry. We so sparingly see Latinos in the industry and this Hispanic Heritage Month we wanted to take some time to highlight a few front-of-house Latina jewelers. These are just some of the incredible jewelers who are breaking norms and carving a space out for themselves. Over the course of the month we will continue to highlight other artisans as well - keep an eye out!  

(After the tragedy of Hurricane Fiona, we are donating 15% of proceeds from the Viviana Langhoff Collection during Hispanic Heritage Month to nonprofits on the ground in Puerto Rico)  

Viviana Langhoff
Viviana Langhoff Designs
Instagram | Website 

We are starting with our very own powerhouse: Viviana Langhoff. As the in-house designer, owner, and creator of Adornment + Theory, Viviana understands that jewelry and design are inextricably linked to storytelling and our past. She brings an heirloom touch to modern designs to create beautiful treasures that will be passed down through generations. 

Piece we love: When Stars Align Two Finger Ring   

Lisette Scott 
Jam and Rico  
Instagram | Website 

Growing up with immigrant grandparents from Jamaica and Puerto Rico, Lisette was always fascinated by the culture and the role of culture in her life. Over time, her fascination and love for both islands grew and, in 2016, Lisette Scott founded Jam + Rico. Entirely inspired by the Caribbean, the bold, unique jewelry found in Jam + Rico has been seen in magazines, stores, and on celebrities.

Piece we love: Carmen Earrings 

Camille Torres 
Camille Torres Design 
Instagram | Website

Camille Torres’ intricate work is centered around nature and all of its cycles. Situated in California, Camille draws inspiration from the diversity and beauty of the nature that surrounds her. You can clearly see this in the pieces at Adornment + Theory which are inspired by monarch butterflies.  

Piece we love: Overwinter Earrings

Lina Hernandez 
Lina Hernandez Jewelry
Instagram | Website

New York based Colombian designer Lina Hernandez draws from Colombian magical realism for her playful designs. Every piece is made by hand in Colombia with 24k gold plated brass, raw emeralds and rose quartz. Her bold, playful designs are filled with whimsy and can be found in her hometown of Bogota and at retailers around the world. 

Piece we love: Magic Mobile Earrings

Maria Fernanda
Sibilia Jewelry 
Instagram | Website

Maria Fernanda’s love of travel and art are visible through her bold and colorful jewelry. Like an alchemist in a lab, she manipulates bronze to create a rainbow of bold new colors and combinations that we don't often see in jewelry. Each piece is made by hand in her Buenos Aires studio by a team of 15 artisans. 

Angie Marei
MAREI New York 
Instagram | Website

Egyptian-Dominican designer Angie Marei pulls from her rich cultural heritage to create bold and sexy jewelry. Creating designs beloved by press and celebrities worldwide, Marei experiments with a hybrid of architectural Art Deco-era-inspired design and spiritual mythology to create a symphony of dark luxury and opulence in her work.

Angely Martinez 
Angely Martinez Jewelry 
Instagram | Website

Born in Dominican Republic, Angely Martinez is an award-winning jewelry designer and metalsmith based in New York City. Her work is influenced by the beauties of nature and the world of fantasy with a touch of Romanticism and the Baroque - lifelong fascinations for Angely. Her fine jewelry portfolio is diverse in it's materials as well as its silhouettes.

Piece we love: The Island Bar Ring

Valerie Madison
Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry
Instagram | Website

With a focus on modern elegance, Valerie takes classic styles and updates them to create something unique. Her background in Environmental Science affords Valerie a unique perspective towards alternative jewelry. Valerie Madison is the only Black Latina Fine Jewelry store in Seattle. 

Sara Gonzalez-Bautista
Common Rite Supply 
Instagram | Website

Common Rite Supply specializes in fine jewelry and bespoke grillz. Founder Sara Gonzalez-Bautista is inspired by the transformative nature of history and the tension between wisdom and foolishness. The results are beautiful asymmetrical grillz and jewelry. 

Piece we love: Bespoke Grillz

Lys Santamaria 
Lys Santamaria 
Instagram | Website

Lys uses tiny glass beads to fabricate intricate jewelry designs and ultimately bring more joy into the world. Her colorful pieces derive inspiration from nature as well as the stories of inspirational people in her life. Colombian-born Lys learned beadwork from the First Nation people in Canada and has since continued to learn contemporary beading techniques and utilized those to branch into sculpture and art, as well. 

Piece we love: Big Bend Necklace