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Jules Kim

Jules Kim

Canary Islands based jewelry designer Jules Kim creates original concept fine jewelry that defies fashion/ jewelry standards and redefines what you know.  Inspired by both her materials and her travels, Jules’ design process changes with each piece she makes. “I might be literally staring at the top of a lake as I go from Stockholm to Oslo and then there is this titillating light that the sunset reflects on the surface of the lake and it reminds me of pavé diamonds.” Jules’ attempts to capture the essence of these moments of inspiration have manifested into some of her most popular designs, such as the Nail Ring and the Handlet, with each piece telling its own unique story. “I want to sort of isolate the concept first because I’m a storyteller.” She says, “The objects that I create basically become communication tools for the story that I’m telling.”

Her pieces are one-of-a-kind works of art designed as an extension of the body.

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