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Adornment Weddings: Sara + Alex

Adornment Weddings: Sara + Alex

 Sara + Alex chose Miami in winter for their nuptials, and we can't imagine a more gorgeous setting, with stunning light, an intimate setting, and jewel-toned florals. They celebrated with a small group of friends in a lush and joyful garden escape. These two are such a beautiful couple; we think you'll love their images as much as we do! 

How did you two meet?
Sara: We met as acquaintances 4 years before we became a couple, but our friend Stefanie was the one who pushed us to date!

Tell us what you love about your rings? 
Sara: What I love most about my rings is that no one else has one like mine. It has a vintage style with a clean, modern edge. I also love the fact that you can see the entire diamond, top to bottom. I get compliments on my wedding band constantly. It's simple, yet sexy, and of course--completely original.

How was the process of designing or purchasing your ring?
Alex: The process of designing her rings was effortless. I was in love with the first design Viviana showed me. She made sure to give me 3 options after I describing the look I wanted, and then Viviana honestly just nailed it. It's like she already knew the style I wanted before it was done!

What was your favorite part of your wedding?
Both: Our favorite part of our wedding was how intimate it was. We had only 40 guests including us. We loved the dark colors, cool weather, and romantic vibe. We even had a fireplace!

 Is there anything you would have changed?
Both: There may have been a few things I would have changed, but we were set on a small venue and a lower cost. Everything was so special; it was a beautiful night with our closest friends and family. And to make it even more special... there was a blood moon right over us.

Any advice for couples who are planning their wedding?
Both : Our advice is to have fun. You only get to do this one and you don't want to drown the moments in stress and anxiety. When I woke up on my wedding day, it was raining and my husband called me telling me he'd gotten a flat. When I got nervous, he calmly reminded me, "None of that matters because we are getting married today." That made everything perfect. 

Images: Ashley Zelaya, @zelayatalks
Florals:  Maggie Pequeno, @merakiflowerco