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Adornment Weddings: Tacana + Andre

Adornment Weddings: Tacana + Andre


1. How did you meet?

We met in 2002 at church. Been best friends since that time. Started dating in 2014.


2. Tell us what you love about your ring(or rings)?

Both are very unique and express our love for one another. 


3. How was the process of designing your ring?

The process was seamless, we should have gone wider on our bands for a fuller look but no worries we have diamonds left to do just that. 


4. What was your favorite part of your wedding?

It was personal, just 8 people present at my best friends home.  Intimate with the true support group present. 


5. Advice for couples who are planning their wedding now?

Plan for your marriage and Not "A Wedding", yes the day is important, but the days after the ceremony should be the Goal! Spend your money on what will last forever and not just fanfare for onlookers.