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Five For Friday: Ashley Thorne

Five For Friday: Ashley Thorne

In this latest edition of our Five For Friday, meet Ashley Thorne of A.M.Thorne Jewelry!

Based in Washington D.C and New York City, Ashley specializes in simplicity and gemstones with individual character. She draws influence from natural beauty found in nature, modernism, historical techniques, femininity and light. She has a strong focus and appreciation for detail and loves to express the soul of the metal and stone.

Get to know a little bit more about Ashley and shop her collection online!



1. Where are you currently finding inspiration for your work or passion projects?

At the moment, my work and passion projects are fueled by an appreciation for the emotional interplay of form and function within adornment. I find inspiration in the elegant curves, seamless transitions, and meticulous attention to detail, all of which contribute to thoughtful and impactful design. My inspiration draws from diverse sources, including the world of architecture and furniture design, where I admire how spaces influence our emotions. Additionally, I am deeply inspired by the abundant natural beauty, from the allure of minerals and plants to the breathtaking colors of a summer sunset.



2. Who would you say has been your biggest influence, style-wise, personally, or professionally?

It's challenging to attribute my style inspiration to just one individual. I find myself influenced by the people I've encountered throughout my life. Whether it's a brief encounter or a lasting relationship, these individuals leave a lasting impression on me. One person who stands out in my mind is a woman whose name I won't mention, but her effortless style and ability to turn heads with a simple combination of a white T-shirt, jeans, and an array of gold jewelry has always captivated me. Her accomplishments as a successful business owner have made her a role model whose confidence and demeanor I admire.



3. If you could have dinner with anyone (dead/alive), who would it be?

Given the chance, I would undoubtedly choose to have dinner with my late father. He remains one of the most fascinating and influential people I have encountered. Conversations with him always delved into the depths of his remarkable mind, sharing with me valuable insights and life lessons.



4. Do you have a personal motto

My personal motto is "What if it all works out?" I find this simple phrase to be empowering, as it sparks a mindset that embraces the possibility of success and positive outcomes in everything we do.



5. What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

My absolute favorite piece of jewelry is a ring passed down to me from my grandmother. Its timeless beauty and design never fail to recieve compliments from others. The ring has a wide band with a stunning cupped crown setting that cradles a Peridot stone. This heirloom was custom-made by my grandfather for my grandmother back in the 1950s. I dream of creating a ring that modernises its sentimental value and beauty some day soon!