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Five for Friday: Photographer and Stylist Helen Berkun

Five for Friday: Photographer and Stylist Helen Berkun

Five questions with fascinating multi-hyphenate Helen Berkun, fashion photographer, stylist, influencer, and mama of three.


1. Where do you find design inspiration?   
I’m inspired daily by music, culture, surroundings, travel, kids and often things that people find scary or dark, inspire me the most. I tend to find beauty in everything…

2. How would you describe your style?
HB: Rocker - glam - tomboy. I’m such a Gemini when it comes to fashion! Sometimes I’m head-to-toe in pink and ruffles, and sometimes I’m a leather, ripped jeans and t-shirt type of girl. I grew up being a complete tomboy and hung out with all the boys, climbing trees and playing war. Slowly but surely, as I evolved into a woman, I became more feminine and in touch with my womanhood (if you will). I always bring the boy with!

3. If you could have dinner with someone, dead or alive, who would it be?
HB: There are so many people! I would love to hang out with Frida Kahlo, Anaïs Nin, Dali, and Gwen Stefani.

4. What advice would you give someone who wants to get into your profession?
HB:  Always be humble and have humility. No matter how far you climb, treating people with love and leading with kindness will get you way farther. In this day and age, and with social such a big factor in our lives, people social climb, they step over each other just to get to the top. You never stay up there working that way. Always remember-- what comes up can come down. Just because you have success today, doesn’t mean you will tomorrow. You have to constantly hustle, but hustle with respect!

5. And finally... do you have a favorite piece of jewelry?
HB: My engagement ring. It’s so different, and looks more like costume jewelry. If you look closely it’s actually an EVIL EYE, protecting my clan and me!

Many thanks to the ever-glamorous and talented Helen for finding the time to chat with us! Have someone you'd like to see interviewed for our Five for Friday feature? Let us know via email or our contact us page.