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Tips and Tricks: How to Pack your Jewelry for Travel

Tips and Tricks: How to Pack your Jewelry for Travel

We here at A+T love to travel--- even if it's just to the other side of Chicago! But packing jewelry can be stressful...even after you decide what it is you want to bring. Here are our tips for safe travels for your favorite pieces.


Organization is key.  We've all been there-- you're running out the door, and you throw jewelry in your purse "for later"...only to discover that the earring backs are bent or broken, a pen scratched your favorite brass cuff, or your necklace is tangled into oblivion. Now imagine you're traveling away from home--your perfectly planned outfits? Incomplete.

We recommend keeping things organized by carrying each piece separately in a plastic bag, with an outer bag that can be sorted by category (such as earrings/necklaces or "day looks/evening"). Carry any fine, irreplaceable, or special jewelry on your person-- ideally never in your checked baggage.

Keep pieces dry!
 Your toiletries bag is *not* the place for your jewelry when you travel. While it may seem easier to throw everything together, toners, moisturizers, and shampoos leak easily and aren't friendly with your jewelry.

Feel free to invest in a jewelry travel case, but... be sure it's a shape you are comfortable carrying. Many cases are better suited for necklaces than earrings, or prioritize lots of rings and studs and don't leave enough room for your daily giant hoops. If you're into statement jewelry, a case may not actually be large enough to carry many of your pieces. Instead, use small plastic zippered bags (see video below), and pack them into a larger bag. We love using the soft-sided bags that come with makeup promotions or old soft clutches that have seen better days

Avoid scratches by keeping individual pieces with stones separate. 

Avoid tangles by using separate containers and plastic bags whenever possible.


Check Out Our Packing Video Below! 


Lastly....Bring only jewelry that brings you joy. Simplifying your jewelry look for travel is best-- it allows you to leave space for treasures from your trip, while also streamlining your choices for the day. We say enjoy dressing up...but there's no need to bring your entire collection!


Bon Voyage from your friends at A+T!