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Adornment Weddings: Martin + Mindy

Adornment Weddings: Martin + Mindy

Martin + Mindy are the first couple in our Adornment Weddings series to have hosted their wedding during the COVID 19 pandemic! Read all about their custom design experience + how they navigated planning their beautiful ceremony 

How did you meet?
Martin: We met on a dating app. I had been going on dates for a while and I was close to taking a break. If our date hadn’t gone well, I probably would have. But it was so great. Mindy was so much fun. Our first date was at Handlebar and we talked for hours. I knew there was something special about her and that, if I played my cards right, it could turn into something that lasted.
Mindy: Martin messaged me about something I had written on my online profile– He seemed humorous and self aware. Our conversations flowed effortlessly and without pretense. We were both busy so it was about a month in until we actually met up. In hindsight, I knew pretty quickly he was the one.


Tell us what you love about your ring(or rings)?
Martin: I knew Mindy wouldn’t like a traditional ethically-questionable diamond ring. A+T was able to make something that was her style. When we went in to find a wedding band for me, I was immediately drawn to my ring. And it fit! It didn’t need to be adjusted at all. So I knew right away that I had found my ring. I wore it for most of our engagement.
Mindy: It was a complete surprise and I was astounded. The design is elegant, modern and classic at the same time. Everyone says, “that ring is so you.” Even strangers have stopped to ask if they can look at it. He nailed it. His sister consulted in the design, and then we found out later that an acquaintance of mine helped to design it. So in some ways, it feels like the ring was melded out of community love.
How was the process of designing your ring?
Martin: It was so easy. I took a few pictures of rings that Mindy liked. I traced a few of her rings to get a guesstimate for her size. After that, I just got to respond to the amazing designs A+T sent me. In the end, it took less than a month.
What was your favorite part of your wedding?
Martin: Coronavirus prevented us from having the wedding we planned. However, our small apartment ceremony was perfect. My parents and Mindy’s sister were there and immediate family members were able to watch over Zoom (we didn’t want the pressure of 100 people watching online). And after the wedding, Mindy and I could finally call each other husband and wife. I never got comfortable saying “fiancé”.
Mindy: Though we’re eager to celebrate later with all of our friends and family, being present with our immediate families on this day just felt right. Martin made our wedding cake and we ordered pizza– very on brand for us.
Is there anything you would have changed?
Martin: Well, if we could have predicted a global pandemic… No, I wouldn’t change a thing.
Mindy: Nope!

Advice for couples who are planning their wedding now?

Martin: You cannot predict the future and you cannot control everything. Figure out what is truly important for you and plan based around that. Everyone around you will have their own ideas of what a wedding must be. Take the good advice and throw away the bad advice. Find vendors you can trust, even if they are a little more expensive. They’ll have your back if something like a global pandemic happens. Overall, just focus on the love that brought you this far with your partner and try to enjoy every moment.

Mindy: Choose vendors whose work you admire and are good humans. Simple or elaborate, all decisions should represent you as a couple, not the latest trends.

Officiant: Jocelyn Ross at
Floral: IG @blossom_me_up