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Adornment Weddings: Erin + Lamar

Adornment Weddings: Erin + Lamar

Read about A+T couple Lamar + Erin's snowy spring ceremony!
Wedding Location :The Lodge at Cathedral Pines, Colorado Springs, CO
Season: Spring (even though it looked like Winter!)

 How did you meet?
We met through a combination of going to the same church and serving in the same AmeriCorps program. Initially we weren't supposed to be dating because we worked together, but true love knows no rules, right? ;) 

Tell us what you love about your rings
We love how unique they are and that they have elements that match- Erin's ring is rose gold and Lamar's has a streak of rose gold that runs through it. It enhances the symbol of our connectedness to each other.

How was the process of designing your ring?
We loved how personal it was; it was extra special because we're good friends with Viviana (one of our first times hanging out together was at her and Michael's house!) and it was amazing to sit down with her and be able to reminisce on our relationship along with her and talk about how to make Erin's ring perfect. She really captured the design and the feel of it. Lamar actually waited until the day of the wedding to surprise Erin with the ring (picture enclosed) and it was perfect!

What was your favorite part of your wedding?
Our first look- it was such a beautiful, pure moment in the snow fall, which is not how we had imagined it being, but that made it all the more special and unique too.

Is there anything you would have changed?
We would have worried less during the planning process and made sure to focus on each moment even more!

 Advice for couples who are planning their wedding?
As long as you two are having fun at the wedding, everyone else will have fun- the rest is just details and not the most important thing!

Photography by Steph Mathena Photo @stephmathena