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Five for Friday: Esthetician Alina Karin

Five for Friday: Esthetician Alina Karin

Five questions with skincare genius and brow master Alina Karin of yourbestetician. Her gentle approach to tints and shaping has our team sold on her waxing skills, and we're all anxious to get on her (in demand!) schedule for a facial.

1. If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
I would have to say Ari Lennox. Outside of esthetics and animals, I am a huge fan of music-- specifically R&B. Her voice is mesmerizing, and I am obsessed with her musical style. Her album, PHO, is great, and that happens to be my all time favorite food. I’d love to have a big bowl of pho and bubble tea with Ari! 

2. What is some professional advice that you received that helped you navigate your career? 
“Remember, not everybody likes peaches.“ 
My husband said this to me one day after I had an interaction that rubbed me the wrong way, as a gentle reminder that you can’t please everyone, and that’s okay. Even if that is what you set out to do, you’re not going to be able to connect with everyone, every time. You can pause and give it thought, but don’t let it impact you in a negative way. Instead, look for ways to improve, build from it, and realize that you can only grow from the experience. 

3. What is your personal motto?
AK: "Get lost in what you love." I think it’s important to find what fulfills you and pursue that. Honestly, doing anything else other then what you love is denying your identity. When I say this I’m not just talking career- it could be anything in your life that gives you purpose and well being. 
4. What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago?
AK: GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD. I love the culture that’s involved in traditional types of food, and am down to try any type of cuisine. I would have to say my go to spot is Enso Sushi for a Godzilla roll with spicy mayo, miso soup, and the best salmon teriyaki I’ve ever had. I might be just saying this because I had it fewer than 24 hrs ago...but it really is great. Go check it out! 
5. What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
AK: My engagement ring! It's from a designer whose pieces I'd been eyeing for years. My husband took notes and worked with her closely to create my dream piece. The day he proposed we were in Peru on top of “Rainbow Mountain” with llamas in the background and then he pulled out that stunner. I still stare at it and get giddy. It’s like I have my very own unicorn. 

Many thanks to the incredibly kind and lovely Alina for finding the time to chat with us! Have someone you'd like to see interviewed for our Five for Friday feature? Let us know via email or our contact us page.